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Dear Dr. Mike,
Throughout your day most people share negative news - well I'm here to share some that's GOOD!! At this moment I do not have pain anywhere - isn't that great! I believe it is because in my mornings, part of my routine is a 2 minute application of the Dr. Mike's Xtraordinary Pain Rub you sent to me. It has been a God send. I apply the cream each morning and my days are without pain. I am doing physical labor like I have done in the past, which I thought I would never be able to accomplish again. I am presently completing an addition to the stone patio I did last year and I feel a return of my self-worth! I also created the patio walk for my neighbor who is handicapped. It will be much easier for her to park her car by the walkway and be able to walk into my house without others helping her. I will never want to be without the cream as it is such an important part of my daily life at this point. Just to let you know I am lucky enough to be able to do it all even after celebrating my 82 years in January. Thanks to Dr. Mike.

Sunshine to you -
Lilian, Florida

"Being a chiropractic physician, I have used Dr. Mike's Arthritis Relief for my patients and have found it to be the best, natural supplement for arthritis."
-- Brian Filisky, D.C.

"As a physical therapist, I treat a wide range of injuries and ailments. I use Dr. Mike's Xtraordinary Pain Rub on my patients to effectively relieve pain and reduce swelling."
-- Brian Kuch, MPT

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